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Characteristics : COSMOMANGA N Is a basic coated, low hydrogen type austenitic manganese steel electrode giving a smooth arc and shining bead with easily removable slag and nominal spatter. The welding has excellent wear resistance in combination with abrasion and high Impact. Finely rippled weld beads, steady arc which is easy to strike and restrike, easily detachable slag are few of the many quality features associated with COSMOMANGAN. Highest manganese recovery in the welds, ensuring exceptional toughness, abra­sion and wear resistance in combination with high impact. Excellent resistance to gouging abrasion.

Applications : Specially suited for resurfacing of worn out austenitic manganese steel parts (12%-14% Mn) particularly resistant to wear by impact. Dredger bucket teeth, rock crushing jaws, rail frogs and switches, manganese steel rails, rail crossovers, cement girder rings, austenitic manganese steel casting, crusher jaws and hammers, muller tyres.

Weld Metal Properties (%) 

C       =   0.70 Max       Mn     =15.5 Max
S       =   0.8   Max       S        =0.03 Max
P       =   0.025 Max

Hardness Data    :  200-250 Brinell Work Hardened – 500 Brinell.

Precautions  :  Ensure that the surface to be built up is free from rust, dust, grease or any foreign matter. Remove by grinding work hardened zone or cracked or spalled metal. Use a magnet to check this.

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