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Characteristic : COSMOHARD III LH ia a medium heavy coated AC/DC, hydrogen controlled basic type, iron powder electrode. Apart from applications on mild and medium carbon steel COSMOHARD III LH can also be used for high carbon and alloy steel base metals and on jobs of thicker cross section. The weld deposit is finished by grinding. It can withstand heavy abrasion and friction and moderate impact. It is very easy to use in all positions.

Applications : Bamboo chipper knives, excavation teeth, metal cutting and forming tools, bull rings, arbor plates, clutch plates, crane wheels, drilling bits, oil expeller worms, crushers, harmmers, mine rails, road graders, drive tumblers, dredger buckets lips, muller ploughs.

Weld Metal Properties (%) :

C      =   0.40-0.65       Mn     =     0.50-0.80
Si      =   0.60-1.00       Cr      =     6.0-7.80
Mo    =   0.40-1.10       V        =     0.40-0.80

Hardness Data : 540-600 BHN on 2 layers deposit.

Precautions : In case of moisture pick-up, re-dry the electrodes at 300°C for one hour. Use low current, short arc and stringer beads.

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