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Characteristics : A medium heavy coated, basic type hard facing electrode with excellent welding performance. Weld deposit Is extremely resistant to abrasion and metal to metal wear. Weld metal Is too hard to resist even scratching and grinding abrasion due to Interference of stone particles. Built up surface does not deteriorate through local plastic flow and cracking.

Applications :  Concrete mixer blades, screw conveyors flights, sliding components for coal grinding etc. oil expeller worms reconditioning, coal breaking hammers, bore well cutters, cement die rings, plough shares, dippers, excavator teeth etc.

Weld Metal  Properties (%) :

C       =   2.20-2.8              Mn      =     0.8-1.25
Si      =   2.50-3.50       Cr       =     3-4
S       =   0.03 Max       P        =     0.03 Max

Hardness Data  :  580-600 BHN on 2 layers deposit.

Precautions  : In case of moisture pick-up, re-dry the electrodes at 300°C for one hour. Use low current, short arc and stringer beads.

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