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Characteristics : A medium heavy coated, rutile based hardfacing electrodes for impact resistance with high hardness upto 620 BHN. The weld deposit Is non-machinable and can only be ground. A buffer layer of megas Is recommended on carbon steel. The electrode Is suitable for abrasion, Impact or a combination of both.

Applications : Drill bits, shears and croppers, crusher hammers,cater pillar treads, conveyor bucket, mixer blades, dipper teeth, cane cutter knives, crane wheels, metal cutting and forming tools etc.

Weld Metal Properties (%)    : 

C       =   0.3to0.6        Mn      =01 Max
SI      =   0.5   Max       Cr       =4-6
Mo     =   1     Max       V        = 1 Max

Hardness Data  :   550-620 BHN on 2 layers deposit.

Precautions    : In case of moisture pick-up, re-dry the electrodes at 125°C for one hour and use short arc during welding

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