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Characteristics : A medium heavy coated, rutile based hardfacing electrodes for impact resistance with low hardness upto 350 BHN. The weld deposit is machinable with carbide tools. Megas is recommended for buffer layers on carbon steel and low alloy steel.

Applications   :  Gears shafts, drive sprockets, axles, brake shoes, pulleys, shafts, steel castings, shear blades, cold punching dies, cams, conveyor parts, couplings, latch bars etc.

Weld Metal Properties (%)  

C       =   0.15-0.25      Mn    =0.40-1
Si      =   0.2-0.7          Cr      =1-2.5 Max
S       =   0.03 Max       P       = 0.03 Max

Hardness Data  :   300-350 BHN on 2 layers deposit.

Precautions  :  Re-dry the electrodes at 125°C for one hour in case of moisture pick-up. Use short arc and avoid weaving. Use suitable buffer layer and pre heating depending on material and thickness.

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