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Characteristics   :  A medium heavy coated, rutile type electrode, deposits air-hardening type weld metal of approximately 250 brinell hardness the tough overlays are highly resistant to rolling and sliding friction. The weld metal is machinable. The electrode can be operated in all conventional positions.

Applications  : Gears shafts and generals reclaimation of allworn out carbon steel parts requiring subsequent matching. For railways and tramcar rails, forging dies, wheels, axles and couplings. Pinion teeth, sprockets, tractor parts, spindles.

Weld Metal Properties (%) 

C       =     0.20 Max         Mn = 0.60   Max
Si       =     0.40 Max        S = 0.03      Max
P        =     0.03 Max        Cr = 0.4-1.8
Mo      =    1.0-1.50

Hardness Data   : 2 layers on mild steel 250-300 BHN.

Precautions  : Arc should be very short and the electrode should be almosttouching the work piece. Electrodes must be dry before use.

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