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Recommendations : Where chamfering, grooving or gouging is necessary, without supplementry gases and extensive equipment, for preparing sections prior to welding, gouging out old or defective weld metal removing flash and risers. Ideal to remove most unwanted metal prior to final machining. For ferrous or non ferrous metals. A highly heat resisting electrode whose special exothermic coating concentrates the force of the arc right at the point of application.

Procedure : This electrode into a conventional electrode holder. Use ac or DC reverse polarity. No special equipments needed. Point electrode, like a lance, in the direction of travel, at an angle of not more than 30° with the plane of the work. Strike arc. Delayed action start permits placing end of the COSMOGOUGE at the exact starting point. Push electrode along the line of cut, quickly for a Shallow chamber, more slowly or with a weaving motion, for a deeper gouge, utilizing the heat and force of the highly concentrated arc, push the molten metal ahead and away. If deeper gouge is needed, repeat procedure until the required depth has been achieved.

Applications : Gouge cast iron, other metals. Removal of old welds and rivets.

Outstanding Features :  No oxygen, other gas or special electrode holder Exothermic coating concentrates arc force. Further finishing not necessary.

Precautions : Preheat electrodes at 100°C – 110°C temperature prior to use for best result.

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