Classification   :   AWS  :     Est

Characteristics : A medium heavy coated graphite based electrode for non-machinable welds on cast Iron. The electrode should be preferred when a strong and rigid joint Is to be obtained between two cast Iron parts. Very good abrasion resistence Is shown by the weld metal.

Applications : COSMOCAST NM suitable for welding of cast iron,cast steel machine parts and equipment and for all types of general reclaimation or repair work where machinability of the weld Is not essential. It Is excellent for joining cast Iron to mild steel.

Weld Metal Properties (%)   :
C   =   0.15 Max      Mn   = 0.60Max
SI  =   0.03 Ma        S      =  0.04 Max
P   =   0.04 Max       Fe   = Reminder

Precautions  : Re-dry electrode at 250°C for one hour before use.Pre heating is recommended for heavy and complicated section. Before starting the welding make sure that casting is absolutely free from grease, oil, rust, paint or dust.

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