Classification      :    AWS  :     E Ni CI

Characteristics  :    COSMOCAST NI is a Nickel coated electrode designed to deposit high nickel weld metal of cast iron. The base metal remains ductile, soft and easily machinable and at the same time retains adequate strength as the nickel deposit does not pick up carbon from the base metal. Smooth and regular welding beads with good finish. Excellent bonding of weld metal with cast iron or even with dissimilar metal.

Applications  :    COSMOCAST Ni is ideally suited for welding of variety of cast irons like gray, malleable, SG iron both for filling up and welding successful applications include repair of broken castings, engine blocks, pump casing, impellers, sprockets, defective casting, joining cast iron to steel etc.

Weld Metal                       C       =   0.80-2.0    Mn = 0.15-1.0

Properties (%)               :    Si      =   0.80-4.0    Ni = 85.0 Min (Balance)

Fe     =   4.0-8.0     Max

All Weld Mechanical  :    UTS                    =    300-400 N/mm2


Typical Weld Metal    :    150 VPN Hardness

Precautions :    Re-dry electrode at 150°C for one hour before use.Clean weld area free from any surface contaminations. Use a short arc as low a current as possible.

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