Classification   :   AWS  :     ENICuB

Characteristics :   COSMOCAST Monel Is a versatile electrode with Monel core wire for cold welding of grey cost Iron and joining cast Iron to steel. The electrode produces crack-free and porosity-free machinable welding which bonds easily and strongly with the cast iron. The arc is soft and stable with nominal spatter. The thin slag is easily detachable. Smooth and stable arc with low spatter. Excellent colour match with good machinability.

Applications :  The electrode is ideal for welding machine bases,engine blocks, mahinery parts, gear teeth, worn-out cast iron castings, gears, pumps, joining of broken cast iron parts and for repairing defects in cast iron foundry etc.

Weld Metal Properties (%)

C       =     0.42-1.20           Mn        =1.0

Si       =     0.60                   Ni          =64.0-70.0

Fe       =     2.0-4.0               Cu         = Balance

S        =     0.03 Max

All Weld Mechanical  :    UTS           =    280-390 N/mm2

Typical Weld Metal    :    150-175 VPN Hardness

Precautions : Re-dry electrode at 250°C for one hour before use.Clean the base material throughly free of any surface contaminations.

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