COSMAX – 318

Classification : AWS :E318-16 , IS 5206 : E 1912.2NbR16

Characteristics : COSMAX- 318 Is a rutile coated type, stabilised electrode having resistance to intergranular attack Cr-18, Ni 12, Mo 2.3 Nb 0.6 controlled ferrite stainless steel weld metal. COSMAX-318 electrodes possess outstanding arc and current carrying characteristics in all positions with a slag that Is self peeling and a bead that is finely rippled and shiny.Excellent performance in all conventional welding positions. The weld metal has excellent creep strength upto 850°C and Is of radiographic quality.

Applications : COSMAX-318 Is Ideally suited for joining as well as surfacing 18-8-Mo Cb stainless and clad steel of similar composition. Best suited for welding AISI 316,316 Ti, 318 type when maximum reistance to corrosion is required. Widely used in chemical plants handling corrosive acids like sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, tartaric acid, acetic acid, in paper and pulp industries using paper mill equipment, bleaching equipment, heat resistant casting etc.

Weld Metal Properties (%)

C = 0.07 Max     Mn = 1.0-2.5
Si = 0.30-0.90    Cr= 17.0-20.0
Ni = 11.0-14.0     Mo = 2.0-2.5
Nb = 0.56-0.7

All Weld Mechanical Properties

UTS = 560-660 N/mm2
YS = 430 N/mm2
Elong (L=4d) % = 30-40 Min
CVN Impact Value Temp°C at J
27±2°C 50-100
Current Condition- AC or DC (+)
Ferrite – 5-9 FN

Precautions : Use short arc length, low current & avoid weaving. Re-dry the electrodes at 200°C for one hour.

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