Classification : AWS :309L16 IS 5206 :E23.12LR16

Characteristics : A rutile based, extra low carbon all positions electrode of 25/12 type for joining of stainless steel to mild steel, for surfacing of mild steel. The weld metal has excellent mechanical properties and is of radiographic quality. The weld metal resists oxidation at elevated temperatures. Scaling and oxidation resistance is satisfactory up to 800°C. Advantages: 1. Easy de-slagging. 2. Extremely low spatter. 3. It is especially useful for joining stainless to mild steel.

Applications : It is ideally suited for welding stainless steel of similar composition, for welding carbon steel to 18/8 variety of stainless steel, for buffer layers on carbon steel before depositing the stainless steel, weld metal to required composition, for applying sheet lining of 12% Cr to mild steel shells and for joining problem steel. It is also used widely for surfacing of mild steel and for building up worn out parts for wear resistant steel.

Weld Metal Properties (%)

C = 0.03      Mn = 1.60
Si = 0.5       Cr =24
Ni = 12.8

All Weld Mechanical Properties

UTS = 580 N/mm2 Min.
YS = 470 N/mm2
Elong (L=4d) % = 35 Min
CVN Impact Value Temp°C at J
27 ± 2 °C – 50-100
Current Condition – AC or DC (+)

Precautions : Re-dry moist electrodes at 200°C for One hour and cool slowly to 50°C – 60°C for use.Restrict heat input during welding.

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