Classification : E 308 L16  E19.9LR16

Characteristics : This is a semi-basic coated electrode developed to deposit extra low carbon 19 Cr, 10 Ni welding metal with controlled ferrite, which is highly resistant to intergranular corrosion, cracking oxidation and scaling at elevated temperature. Especially noted for arc stability, and low spatter loss. All sizes strike and re-strike easily. The slag is easily controlled and does not interfere with the arc action Weld beads are smooth, uniform and of excellent appearance. Scaling and oxidation resistence is satisfactory up to 800°C.

Applications : It is especially designed for welding of stainless steel of AISI grade 301,302,304,304L, 308,308L and their cast versions are used for dairies, hospital apparatus, nuclear plants, food stuff and chemical process industries.

Keep the electrode dry in case of moisture

Weld Metal Properties (%):

C = 0.04 Max Mn = 0.5-2.5
Si = 0.3-0.9
S = 0.03 Max
P = 0.03 Max
Cr = 18.0-21.0
Ni = 9.0-11.0

All Weld Mechanical Properties :

UTS = 530-650 N/mm2
YS = 350-450 N/mm2
Elong(L=4d) % = 35-45
CVN Impact Value Temp°C atJ 27 ± 2 °C 55
Current Condition – AC or DC (+)
Ferrite 3 – 8 FN

Precautions : Keep the electrode dry in case of moisture Pick-up re-dry at 150°C for two hours. Use lowest possible current, short arc and stringer bead. Clean the welding are a throughly free of any surface contaminations.


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